Emergency procedure

Hereunder you'll find the conditions to apply for a Visa with emergency procedure.


Conditions for emergency procedure

It can be applied for only for Business Visa or Conference Visa and in case of death/serious illness of a relative.

It can be applied for only by nationals holding exclusively Italian passport and born in Italy.

It can be applied for only with the written authorization from the Consul.


How to - emergency procedure

To apply for emergency procedure as indicated above, applicants are requested to send an email (in English) asking for approval to the Indian Consulate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. attaching:

- flight ticket;

- hotel booking for the first night (for Tourist Visa);

- employment letter from the Italian company (for Business Visa);

- invitation letter from the Indian company (for Business Visa);

- conference letter and clearance letter from the Ministry (for Conference Visa);

- hospital reports (in case of death/serious illness);

- scanning of the first page of the passport with the personal data.

If approved, we invite applicants who have obtained the clearance letter for emergency procedure to visit our offices at Via Marostica 34 - 20123 Milan within 10.00 am with the following documents. documents:


Documents for emergency procedure

- all documents requested for the type of Visa one is applying for;

- flight ticket;

- approval email from the Consulate;

- hospital report (in case);

- cash.

191€ (tourist)
210€ (business)
172€ (conference)


*** Plus 10€ per applicant who still has not been subject to data biometrics capture (fingerprints).


Notes on the emergency procedure

Any visa required with emergency procedure is in no case released the same day.

Accepting the emergency procedure documents and the payment for it do not involve the automatic issue of the Visa, whose unquestionnable decision is up to the Indian Consulate.

The time for issue is ca. 3 or 4 working days, but may change depending on the type of Visa and the forwarded documentation.